The opening line.

So, to destruct or to deconstruct?  My answer is to de(con)struct, to combine both, in order to become a good creative manager. For me, these two approaches represent the design thinking process. Let me give you an example: we just decided to develop a new product (service) and we are, obviously, extremely excited. We’ve got two options of how to pursue it – to be stubborn and move forward (e.g. traditional business thinking) or to try different (even the most ridiculous) things out. In a long-term perspective, what do you think will be more fun to do? If you chose the former, just don’t waste your time and close this link. If by any chance, you said ‘Yes’ to the latter, please, keep reading.

A little disclaimer: I am just a student not an expert. But as I am soon-to-become a creative manager, I am extremely interested in researching and exploring the concept of design thinking, and how can I apply this concept to my future career goals and life in general.

Any feedback is welcome. I will listen to you and learn.


P.S. Check out my first attempt to blog:

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