The marketing campaign for Adidas.

Overall, marketing strategies are about telling engaging stories, touching human emotions. That’s the first lesson I’ve learnt in Kingston Business School. Establishment of trustworthy and honest relationships with your clients is crucial: the well-conveyed ‘I can hear you, I am willing to help you’ message is 90% of your marketing success.


In my first week of studies all the students from my course were split into groups of five to create a marketing campaign for Adidas, the well-known sports brand. Me and four other students proposed the #speakitup campaign to promote mental health awareness in London. In fact, depression had recently become a massive problem in United Kingdom, especially, in such fast-paced city as London. We decided to target 17-25 years old men because young men, in general, can be more affected by the stigma built around mental health issues, and feel ashamed because of their personal expectations and the society norms.


Therefore, endorsement of particular celebrities could be beneficial (think british guy = football fan). As Adidas has already sponsored several football teams around the world, we thought Lionel Messi could become a perfect ambassador of mental health awareness distribution. For example, he could participate in our video marketing campaign (TV and YouTube videos) promoting #adidas #speakitup football social clubs providing a sense of connectedness and freedom. I briefly sketched what would the advert story be about:



Jack playing football with his friends in uni.



Jack being depressed after his graduation and unsuccessful attempts to find a job.



Jack scrolling through his social media feed on his way home.



The Adidas ball being passed to Jack.



Lionel Messy, Jack’s favourite football player, winking at him.



Jack receiving an invitation to join the Adidas game.



Jack living his dream life.


I hope it all makes sense. Xx


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